from Disappoint of View series


Tristes tropiques

lambda print od dibond, 100 x 100 cm, 2010

Tropiki (fr. tropique) in Polish means not only a tropical bush and region of the Earth near the Equator (Tropics) but also canvas covers of old-fashioned tents. Such tents continue to be used for children’s holidays in socialist countries, but they also have connotations of the ethos of pioneer era scientists expeditions. The photo was made in autumn 2010 in especially prepared place in my parents' garden.

The emergence of this series of works was accompanied by an accumulation of ambivalent feelings after my reading the interviews by Didier Eribon with the father of structuralism, (origin. Éditions Odile Jacob,1988). The fragments of these conversations were the starting points to me while working on Smutek tropików, the series which tooks the title from Claude Lévi-Strauss’s book Tristes tropiques.

Tristes tropiques (No. 2)
collage on acid-free paper, 21 x 31 cm, 2011

The other collages of the series Tristes Tropiques, as follow No.3—10, 2011—12.


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