—edition 2018

The prints prepared for “Counting Sleep” edition 
curators: Sarie Nijboer & Vincent Schier

Berlin 2018

The material prepared for „Counting Sleep” is based on earlier works concerning sleep disorders. Using terminology from sleep studies, Sokolnicka created metaphors of the current conditions of the world, where western societies are slowing down after a period of jet economy prosperity. Her series We Came From Beyond (2012), Jetlag (2013), Sleep Disorders (2013–15), contain meanings related to changes occurring in the times of late capitalism. Sleep, therefore, is something more than just our natural need to regenerate—it is a state when we disconnect from the outsourced factory of services. Sleep Disorders (edition 2018) is a statement about perceptive processes after Deleuze’s Le Pli (The Fold), it presents entities that surround us together with the metaphysical properties attributed to them, as deformed materiality. Colorless, inhabited by a sense of undercooled, Sokolnicka’s work are condensed images, whose dreamy synthaxas evoke something nightmarish about it. The artist thus transforms the fragmentations of space, void, body, and mind into a poetic narration about sleep and its disorders.


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