prototypes installation /
objects and wall covers

felt, woolen fabrics, foam, cardboard,
wood, mirror, polyester, pvc, styrodur,
carpet, ruber, plywood,
paints, yellow and purple light

fot. © by StudioFILMLOVE

modified spatial composition as an environment
for a series of sound performances of:
Ryoko Akama, Alessandro Bosetti, Scott Cazan,
Yun Ingrid Lee, Koen Nutters, Mario de Vega
during “Inexhaustibility” project
curated by Paweł Szroniak
Bunkier Sztuki, Kraków

An adaptation of the gallery space which takes the form of an autonomous environment. The main goal of this implementation is to reveal the affective potential of the environment, in which modular elements of a multifunctional nature, characterized by high mobility and susceptibility to modifications, were used. In her spatial compositions, the artist refers to the architecture of recording studios and other utilitarian spaces with a specific acoustic application, and are characterized by a specific selection of materials (felt, texture, wood, etc.).

—from the text of Paweł Szroniak

Scott Cazan—13th April 2018 

Mario de Vega—27th April 2018

Alessandro Bosetti—9th June 2018

Ryoko Akama—10th May 2018

Koen Nutters—26th May 2018

Yun Ingrid Lee—23rd June 2018


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